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Scott Nathanson (aka CoachN)


Scott Nathanson (Coach N)Scott was born in the Bronx, but grew up in Atlanta, GA and first played baseball as a nice little Jewish boy in the Dunwoody Baptist Church league when he was in Kindergarten. He played through High School and will tell everyone that his promising career stopped in college due to a shoulder injury (lack of bat speed may have also had something to do with it).

But even as he loved baseball, he never fit in with the “jock” crowd. Probably because when he didn’t have a bat in his hands, they held the Starfleet Technical Manual. Indeed he made more money winning 3rd prize in a Doctor Who costume contest (there were three contestants) at the Creation Con. than he ever did at the Great American Pastime.

After moving to Washington, D.C. to save the world, working as a lobbyist and organizer at a number of different arms control and environmental organizations (his 2006 Webby Award for the Union of Concerned Scientists’ website gave him some considerable nerd cred), he took on his favorite job in 2001 when his first child was born. After infecting his son with baseball fever, he fell into coaching shortly after the big boy was out of diapers.

Scott has coached both his boys’ teams in the spring, summer, and fall, totaling over 20 seasons so far in the Arlington Babe Ruth league. His Grays did actually win a league championship in 2010, but he’s just as proud of all his teams, trophy or no. But with his fellas outgrowing all of his “silly stuff,” Scott decided to bring out the old tricks developed the CoachN’s FUNdamentals program.

But Scott wants to do more than just inspire kids, he wants to get nerds like him all over the country to get off the bench, pull up their shorts and socks just a little too high, and bring their passion onto the field as well. He is currently writing a memoir on his experiences as a nerdy coach that he hopes will serve as a call to arms (and legs) to goofy guys and gals like him to flop and fumble their way into making a real difference in the lives of our kids.

When he’s not obsessing about coaching or grousing at the sad fate of his New York Mets, Scott is writing Middle Grade novels, and ranting about pop-culture, peace, and parenting on his blog, He also gets his history herd on by serving as the chair of the Social Studies Advisory Committee for Arlington Public Schools.

Whatever time is left he spends toggling back and forth between watching baseball and Doctor Who with his kids (with a little Downtown Abbey with the wife after the kids are asleep). Nice little life for one big-time nerd.