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The FUNdamentals program centers around one simple philosophy, “Love it enough so they’ll want to come and play again.”

For baseball, that can be a little harder at the younger ages. As fun as the game is, it is a more stationary game, and the basic skills can be difficult to learn (many have said that the single hardest thing to do in all of sports is hit a baseball).

The FUNdamentals program brings young players into the game by making each skill-building step into a fun game in itself. From the “Tickle Monster Base Race” helping players learn to run through the base rather than stop, to the “Solar System Swing” that teaches kids to keep their head on the ball, FUNdamentals finds ways to relate a sometimes difficult physical concept in a way that young kids can understand. CoachN and his assistants do tend to get a little silly at times, so don’t be surprised if you see Super Heroes, spacemen, or famous French chefs show up to some to give special lessons!

Underneath all the silly, however, is a granular approach to building baseball skills. We look at skills from the ground up, focusing a session entirely on footwork, for example, and not worrying about another part of the performance during that session. Not only does this help players build sound mechanics early on, but it helps build confidence by “winning” on small skills, rather than focused on their struggles with every part of their performance. We pride ourselves on a “relentlessly positive” approach to make players comfortable about progressing at their own speed.

But besides physical baseball skills, the program also focuses in on “The most important thing about being a baseball player”—being a good teammate. Competitions are designed to be cooperative, team-building exercises with a focus on support for teammates and understanding that how a player acts toward others is often more important than what he or she does at the plate or in the field.


Need to know more? Here are some of the details:

    • For ages 3-6
    • The FUNdamentals program can be run in as a 6, 8, or 10-week sessions
    • Great for building baseball OR softball skills
    • No previous ball playing experience needed. All they’ll need is a glove and a great attitude!
    • Safety a priority! Foam bats only. Whiffle, tennis, foam, and “puffer” balls—no hard balls.
    • CoachN is a Cal Ripken Baseball certified coach with background checks conducted through Arlington Babe Ruth.
    • CoachN’s FUNdamentals is an approved vendor for the Arlington-based Enrichment Matters Network, as well as Fairfax County Public Schools
    • Available to run on-site programs at schools and playgroups in the NoVa area
    • Group sessions available at the Virginia Baseball Club complex in Merrifield
    • The program can be run year-round (gym or rec-room space required in winter)
    • Child-only and “Family Play” options available
    • Birthday party? Inquire about options from very serious to absolutely silly
    • Inquire about free demonstration sessions