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From Coach Nathanson, my daughter discovered that honest effort was as important as victory, and winning was doing her best. Maintaining a positive attitude and outlook while helping others to see their strengths, coach’s lessons were home runs. Not to mention that Carolyn learned priceless fundamentals to be a better player, such as the proper way to field, throw, hit, and catch. With his class, you’ll come home with valuable information as you have fun, build skills, and improve your physical conditioning.

Suzy Bohnert Mother of Carolyn, and author of Game-Day Youth: Learning Baseball's Lingo

Scott’s unrivaled enthusiasm, dedication, and communication skills are very effective for boys (mostly) learning baseball yet would apply well to any fun yet focused youth sport coaching environment. Reflecting the principal that “not all can be great, but all can do their best,” Scott’s strategies and approach are a must for any parent looking to maximize on-the-field learning success. As father to the youngest and smallest kid on one of Scott’s teams, I know my son will for the rest of his life remember the skills, knowledge, and life lessons he learned from ‘CoachN’.

Douglas GreenhausFather of Joseph “Yo Joe!” Greenhaus

One of the things that stood out for me was CoachN’s ability to translate to the kids, his love of the game and enthusiasm for the kids to learn to play it. Lars Peter joined the team completely green and of course was not the best player, but he loved it and feels like he did great – and most important, he wants to continue (which is no mean feat at this age!). CoachN’s constant calling out, leading positive chants and team cheers really made it a fun and positive atmosphere.

Nancy SzmolyanMother of Lars “In Charge” Spinetta

CoachN is well-known for his passion and energy when it comes to coaching baseball. Scott has an almost martial arts approach to coaching, using every event as a teaching moment and ensuring the kids are motivated frequently to keep up their spirits and interest. He manages to keep even the youngest kids engaged and focused by constantly working with them, talking to them, and helping them recognize right and wrong techniques. You’ll be hard pressed to find a team of that age with as much situational awareness as Scott’s team had as a result of his constant teaching and coaching.

Aimee BlanchardMother of "Tippecanoe and" Tyler "Too" Arrowsmith