Get Ready to PLAY Ball!

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CoachN’s FUNdamentals is run as a 6, 8, or 10 week program ranging in time from 45 to 60 minutes depending on age and group needs. The FUNdamentals include building fielding (ground balls, fly balls, thrown balls), throwing, hitting, and baserunning skills, along with an introduction to actual game play.


Weekly Classes Include:

Ready to Play!:
An introduction to the concept of team play with warmup fun, and the “base” part of baseball, featuring the ever-popular Tickle Monster base race to get those kids running through the bag!


Gorabigator Fielding:
The world’s silliest looking creature helps teach the three primary grounder fielding skills: a “get low” ready-position, moving laterally to the ball, and keeping the glove steady to receive the ball while the top hand secures it.


Hero Hitting:
The Flash and Hulk help us learn our proper footwork, while the Green Arrow lends us a hand to help us learn how to load up for huge hits!


Super Throws:
Our heroes return, as many of the same fundamentals for proper hitting technique apply to throwing as well. Step-by-step, we break down basic throwing motion into “prep-load-throw-finish” so that players learn proper technique from the ground up.


Earthlings, they come in fun! Ceatures from another world lend us a hand in keeping our head on the ball with our Solar System Swing, and the invasion of the Fuzzy Flies help us learn how to catch those dreaded fly balls by using our nose!


Baseball for Breakfast:
Welcome to ChefN’s kitchen, where pancakes are on the menu! First we learn how to Pat the Pancake to help receive a thrown ball and secure it with the bare hand. Then, it’s time to pound that dough, as we make those balls Flat as a Pancake! Using a special flat side bat, we focus on proper hand position as we swing through the ball.


Need for Speed:
We already learned to run through first. So not it’s time to take a trip all the way around the bases! We learn the Riddler Run to help point us to the next base every time, then the Stick ‘Em Up Slides gives players the basics of getting down safely.


Get Into the Game!:
We begin an introduction to actual game play, focused on understanding when and when not to try to make the play. Then it’s time to play ball with a rousing game of Pitcher’s Poison!


Participants in the full program get their own personalized hat, practice ball, team stickers, and certificate of achievement. And if the whole team earns enough stars stickers, they might just get a special treat at the end!